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Preparing Scientific Illustrations: A Guide to Better by Mary H. Briscoe

By Mary H. Briscoe

Every graduate pupil, postdoc and scientist is aware that photographs and illustrations could make or holiday their lecture, poster presentation, and magazine or e-book article. images software program and laser printers have positioned professional-quality pics in the succeed in of everybody. yet in spite of everything, no matter if your viewers sees transparent, comprehensible photographs or a three hundred dpi mess relies on no matter if you could have the foundations provided by means of Mary Helen Briscoe during this ebook. examine the strengths and weaknesses of alternative different types of visible shows. comprehend while to take advantage of a determine, and what sort of info should be represented in a single. See examples of undesirable, strong, and higher graphs and tables. specialise in your viewers, to profit determine ready for an editorial is probably not perfect for a slide or an overhead. the writer additionally offers info on offering DNA sequences, protein buildings, and different molecular graphics.

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Use labels that are proportionate to the size of the photograph. • Make labels consistent in size and style. High-Contrast and Continuous-Tone Photographs High-contrast film captures only white and black. It does not record gray tones. Continuous-tone film records a full range of tones from white to black. PHOTOGRAPHS HIGH-CONTRAST 23 CONTINUous-ToNE DAo Because the pen and ink drawing on the left includes only black and white tones, it was shot using high-contrast film. The angiogram on the right includes a range of grays and was photographed with continuous-tone film.

The addition of peak labels and the distinguishing letters, A and B, makes the figure clearer to the viewer and easier to discuss in publication or slide. Labeling of tracings should be complete and appropriate before submission to a photographer. The style of the labels should be thin-line. Bold or thick labels compete with, and usually overpower, the thin tracing lines. Discuss with the photographer whether it would be better to label a photograph of the tracing or the original tracing. PHOTOGRAPHIC FIGURES X-rays, photomicrographs, and gels function as data.

Or, if done on a computer, all components can be moved around, eliminated, repeated, enlarged, or reduced. There is software for charting and simple drawing programs for this purpose. The schema above is much too complex for a slide. This amount of information must be cut or divided into three or more slides. Presentation software such as PowerPoint® may help to simplify information. It has built-in formats for schema, charts, and word slides that impose some restriction on the amount of information.

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