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Consciousness Reconsidered by Owen Flanagan

By Owen Flanagan

I actually isn't giving stars to my very own booklet, however it looks a demand here.Two clarifications:1. it's actual that i do not have interaction Dave Chalmers perspectives within the ebook. Dave's booklet seemed approximately five years after mine.2. The identify *Consciousness Reconsidered* has understandably led a few to imagine that it truly is basically a reaction to Dennett's *Consciousness Explained.* it's not, altho. I do interact a few of Dan's arguments. My e-book used to be released quickly after Dan's & so much of my matters w/Dan relate to papers (alto. alongside w/Ned Block, i mentioned Dan's impending e-book w/him and others regularly. yet responding to and/or supplying an alternate view to Dennett used to be no longer my target. in truth my view on *consciousness* used to be sketched out within the lengthy new bankruptcy in *The technology of the brain* released in 1991.

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Oxygen and glucose can be tagged with normally occurring radioactive substances, such as oxygen-15 or nitrogen-13, which emit positrons as they decay. PET scanners detect positron emission and produce extremely reliable images of blood flow (by imaging tagged oxygen) and glucose activity (glucose is the sole energy source for brain cells) in live human brains in real time (Raichle 1987). There is robust evidence showing vivid differences in brain activity in persons engaged in phenomenologically distinct mental activities (Phelps and Mazziotta 1985).

That is, we can imagine that someone might lose faith. For a person no longer in the grip of the relevant picture of the world, it makes sense to say that she no longer sees the world in the way that the concepts of orthodox Hinduism usefully get at. She sees good fortune, bad fortune, and so on, but the concept of karma no longer provides illumination of these phenomena. For there to be a clear parallel with consciousness, the situation would need to be one in which there was not only an orthodox concept of consciousness but also an elaborate orthodox theory that explained the nature, role, kinds, and so on, of conscious events in the overall economy of life.

But it did truly and deservedly result in the elimination of the orthodox concept of phlogiston. Phlogiston theorists were right that burning and rusting could be explained in a unified way. They were wrong, however, in two crucial respects. First, the substance involved was not phlogiston; it was oxygen. Furthermore, oxygen was not a spirit but a gas, and as such it has a certain atomic weight. Second, the substance in question, oxygen, was gained, not lost, during the processes in question. 24 Chapter 2 The concept of phlogiston was introduced to name the colorless, odorless, and weightless spirit released during rusting and burning.

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