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Animation.From cartoons to the user interface by Bay-Wei Chang

By Bay-Wei Chang

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Direct3D ShaderX: Vertex and Pixel Shader Tips and Tricks

Vertex and pixel shader programming permits photographs and video game builders to create photorealistic images at the laptop for the 1st time. And with DirectX, programmers have entry to an meeting language interface to the transformation and lighting fixtures (vertex shaders) and the pixel pipeline (pixel shaders).

Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9 (Wordware Game Developer's Library)

For the main a part of this ebook, its attempting to fill its 500 pages with pictures and serve as references which are primarily a copy/paste from the freely to be had DirectX SDK. The book's content material is both SDK fabric or thoroughly uncomplicated stuff. Even the introductory books that i've got learn are way more complex than this one.

Media Consumption and Public Engagement: Beyond the Presumption of Attention (Consumption and Public Life)

Modern democracies are according to the assumption that media can bring the eye of the balloting populations. yet in an age of multiplying media, political disillusionment, and time-scarcity, is that this believable to any extent further? This ebook addresses this significant query head on, drawing at the voices of individuals from the united kingdom who have been requested to put in writing diaries approximately their studies (or no longer) of 'public connection', in addition to survey info and comparative study within the united states and somewhere else.

Social Media for Government: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Implementing, and Managing Social Media Tools in the Public Sphere

This publication presents functional knowledge on knowing, enforcing, and dealing with major circulate social media instruments (e. g. , blogs and micro-blogs, social community websites, and content material groups) from a public quarter viewpoint. via social media, govt enterprises can tell electorate, advertise their providers, search public perspectives and suggestions, and computer screen delight with the prone they give which will enhance their caliber.

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The flags of Canada, Greenland, the US and the USSR waited with us . . Since its founding in 1977, the ICC has declared itself ‘under four flags’. Until now, Soviet participation was only symbolic – the Soviet flag and an empty chair were placed at the head of each assembly. The flags remained, but no chair was empty. The flags welcomed Inuit from Chukotka Autonomous Region in the USSR, from Alaska, Canada’s Northwest Territories, Labrador, Northern Quebec and Greenland. ICC President Mary Simon called the Soviet presence ‘a milestone in Inuit history’.

Not only was the purpose of the occupation displaced, the stereotype of the [male] Maori criminal was reinforced and the role of Maori women in the protest was minimised, if not overlooked altogether. The possibility that it is easier to posit Maori men (rather than Maori women) as dangerously violent, and their delinquency as disorder, calls to mind Stuart Hall’s articulation theory; in particular, the idea that race, class and gender are joined in such a way that each cannot be understood in isolation from the others.

Institutionalised racism EUBK011-01 EUBK011-Alia July 18, 2005 13:28 Char Count= 0 THE RISE AND RISE OF IMPUTED FILTH 21 reflects the idea that racism ‘permeates society on both the individual and institutional level, covertly and overtly’ (Carmichael and Hamilton 1967: 21–7). Unlike ‘institutional racism’, to which Macpherson referred in his report on police misconduct surrounding the racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in London in 1993, institutionalised racism questions the assumption that people are unaware (or ‘unwitting’ as Macpherson put it) of the inherent racism of institutionalised practices.

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