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Animal Electroencephalography by W. R. Klemm

By W. R. Klemm

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T h e technique usually requires a 1% V battery as the current source. T h e electrodes to be chlorided are scrubbed clean with sandpaper; metal brushes should not be used because they would contaminate the electrode with iron ions. Several electrodes can be connected in parallel to the positive pole, so that chloriding of each occurs simultaneously in a 5% sodium chloride solution. 5 mA/cm 2 , in order to produce chlorided electrodes of low resistance and uniform coating. This requires chloriding to be done over relatively long periods, at least overnight.

1-23. Illustration of intracellular MP fluctuations that correspond to grossly recorded "theta rhythm" of hippocampus. EEGs (upper traces) were taken from pyramidal cell layer, and intracellular records (lower traces) were taken from within individual cells in that layer. A and B were taken from the same cell and C from another. Upward arrows indicate time of stimulation of collaterals that produced transient hyperpolarization. ) 26 1. \>^+**»**^^ so Afv'^y/'^^^ I sec FIG. 1-24. EEG-like activity recorded from 2 bipolar electrodes implanted 600-900 μ in the cerebral cortex.

They differ primarily in that the smooth muscle potentials occur more slowly, on the order of once or twice a second. As pointed out by Adey (1966), there are still many questions to be resolved in connection with this theory on the origin of the EEG. For example, many areas of the brain exhibit regional differences in MP fluctuations and in their EEG; the EEG from human occipital cortex often contains rhythmic 8-12/sec activity (see also Chapter 3, Section VI, C); the hippocampus often exhibits 4-7/sec activity; and the amygdala often discharges 40/sec activity.

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