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An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge by Noah Lemos

By Noah Lemos

Epistemology or the idea of data is among the cornerstones of analytic philosophy, and this e-book presents a transparent and obtainable advent to the topic. It discusses many of the major theories of justification, together with foundationalism, coherentism, reliabilism, and advantage epistemology. different subject matters comprise the Gettier challenge, internalism and externalism, skepticism, the matter of epistemic circularity, the matter of the criterion, a priori wisdom, and naturalized epistemology. meant essentially for college students taking a first-class in epistemology, this lucid and well-written textual content could additionally offer an outstanding creation for somebody attracted to understanding extra approximately this significant zone of philosophy.

Part of the Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy sequence.

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There is, however, a more serious problem. , p. 363. 11 Brian Skyrms gives an example of this sort in his ‘‘The Explication of ‘X knows that p’,’’ The Journal of Philosophy, 64, no. 12 (June 1967), 385À86; cf. also Gilbert Harman’s ‘‘Inference to the Best Explanation,’’ The Theory of Knowledge: Classic and Contemporary Readings, ed. Louis P. , 1993), p. 154. 39 40 An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge passes out. An hour later he dies of a heart attack. Shortly after that, a mad fiend comes along, sees Omar, and cuts off his head.

If some instances of justified true belief aren’t instances of knowledge, then traditional JTB accounts, such as D3, are mistaken. 1 Case 1. Smith and Jones have applied for a certain job. Smith has strong evidence for the following proposition: (d) Jones is the man who will get the job and Jones has ten coins in his pocket. Let us suppose that Smith’s evidence for (d) is that the company president has assured Smith that Jones will get the job and let us suppose that Smith has only minutes ago counted the coins in Jones’s pocket.

Roderick Chisholm’s Theory of Knowledge 2nd edn. , 1977), pp. 71À73. Knowledge, truth, and justification help the severely injured Brown. Relative to these wider, more inclusive, circumstances, Jones is not ethically required to meet Smith at noon. Suppose we let r ¼ Jones’s being the only one who can help the severely injured Brown. We might then say that while p requires q, p and r does not require q. 8 In the epistemological case, what one is justified in believing depends on one’s total evidence.

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