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The Vickers Viscount 700 by Kenneth Munson

By Kenneth Munson

;The Vickers Viscount 700[Aircraft Profile 072] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: The Vickers Viscount seven-hundred Автор: Kennetn Munson Серия: plane Profile 072 Издательство: Profile courses Ltd Страниц:12 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: 14.97 Мб Для сайта: Мир книг Vickers Viscount впервые поднялся в воздух в августе 1952-го, а регулярная их эксплуатация началась ВЕА в апреле 1953-го по маршруту Лондон - Никозия (Кипр). Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет выпускался скомпоновкой на 40-53 пассажирских места (впоследствии до 60) zero

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Data in the former set yield a result for DT of 1,070 ± 110 s at AD 1,100. However, due probably to a number of major scribal errors the scatter in the data in the later set (mean epoch AD 1250) is very large and a DT result based on the timed data alone would be suspect (Stephenson 1997). Between AD 1300 and 1600 there are few useful eclipse timings from any part of the world. Over this interval, DT probably declined from around 500 to 150 s; in general the precision of measurement – whether in China or Europe – was inadequate to enable this parameter to be satisfactorily determined.

Category Year Month Day Duke Year Month 19 Target –557 05 31 Xiang 15 08 23 Auxiliary –668 05 17 Xiang 23 Spring 24 Auxiliary –667 11 10 Xiang 24 07 32000 Day Shuo?  10 The Sôma Diagram for the target eclipse 31 May –557. The band with solid lines shows the sunrise eclipse of 31 May –557 at Qufu. The band with dashed lines is for a total eclipse on 19 June –548 at Qufu. The band with dot-long dash lines is for 5 January –549 at Qufu. The vertical interval is the candidate range of DT. As before, the zero correction to the LTA is included in the area.

Although these changes may in part be caused by changes in global sea-level associated with climatic variations there could well be other significant mechanisms at work. It is hoped that revised DT table (Table 2) will prove of use to historians of astronomy. Although I have not extended the table beyond 700 BC because of the lack of suitable data at earlier epochs, use of the long-term parabola DT = 32t2 s should prove helpful back to around 1000 or even 1200 BC. However, there is a danger that at more remote epochs, attempts at extrapolation may be misleading.

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