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Advances in Biomimetics by Anne George

By Anne George

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80 g L-1, 12 h. (d) SEM micrograph of BaCrO4 crystals prepared in the presence of CTAB. The insets of (a), (b), and (c) show the individual BaCrO4 crystal. Reproduced with permission from Mater. Res. , 2009, 44, 288. Copyright 2009 Elsevier. 20 mol L-1, the flakes consisted of particles were observed (Fig. 18c). When the high concentration of Ba2+ was used, the nucleation of BaCrO4 was fast and the growth was restricted. So the particles were obtained. These results indicate that the morphology of BaCrO4 is sensitive to the experimental conditions.

Reproduced with permission from Mater. Lett. 2008, 62, 3110. Copyright 2008 Elsevier. Fig. 9. SEM micrographs of the sample prepared using (NH4)2CO3 as the CO32– source. (a) A typical SEM micrograph; (b) an individual flower-like structure. 100 g/L). Reproduced with permission from Mater. Lett. 2008, 62, 3110. Copyright 2008 Elsevier. SrCO3 is a simple mineral that has only one polymorph, the study of crystallization process of SrCO3 may be useful to help understand the formation of the isostructural CaCO3 phase (aragonite) and the mineralization process of other biominerals.

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