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Addiction Essentials: The Go-To Guide for Clinicians and by Carlton K. Erickson

By Carlton K. Erickson

No matter if it’s to caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol, many people be afflicted by not less than one habit. Carlton ok. Erickson offers a accomplished evaluate of a number of the varieties of addictions—covering either substance and nonsubstance addictions corresponding to playing, web use, and video games—and their analysis and therapy. This e-book sheds gentle upon the organic and environmental elements that reason dependancy, experiences a few of the forms of substance and nonsubstance addictions, and gives clinicians and sufferers desire for recovery.

Erickson examines alcohol, medicines that pace us up, medications that sluggish us down, and the way to acknowledge addictive behavior—such as workout and videogame addiction—which could be much less visible. different issues coated comprise alcohol and different drug pharmacology, neurophysiology of mind pathways, alcohol and drug interactions, adolescent drug use, drug use adjustments by means of gender and tradition, and visible symptoms of drug use. Erickson offers a variety of healing tools for addressing habit, together with pharmacological interventions, person or crew remedy, twelve-step courses, and treatment related to family. ultimately, he displays at the involvement of family members and the hazards and effects of relapse.

Written through one of many country’s prime dependancy experts, this available, complete publication, is a go-to reference to your questions on habit, and a pleasant creation to the prognosis and therapies.

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