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Activating Vocabulary: No. 1 by Mark Fletcher

By Mark Fletcher

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15. It is a good idea to lock things so they do not get stolen. 16. I took a first aid course. I learned how to put an arm in a sling. 17. You should always stop at the curb before you cross a street. 18. When I was in a car accident the airbag in my car saved my life. 19. When you are riding a bike you should signal your turns and stops. 20. At night you should park your car near a light. 21. We change the batteries in our smoke detector regularly. 22. My mother said I should be careful when I play at the park.

Shrimp are long, slender crustaceans. 10. A starfish is not a fish. A fish has a backbone. A starfish does not. 11. A turtle is a reptile. It has a protective shell. 12. The sea horse has a head and neck shaped like a horse. 13. A barnacle likes to attach itself to rocks, ship bottoms and whales. 14. Plankton is the microscopic plant and animal life in the ocean. 15. Mussel shells are used to make buttons. 16. Crushed clam shells are used to build roads in many coastal regions. 17. An eel is a long, snakelike fish.

20. The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. 21. Tuna is regarded as one of the most important food fishes. 22. A giant squid can attain a length of 50 feet (17 meters). 23. A sand dollar is flat and round, and covered with furry spines. 24. The ray we saw was a stingray, not a manta ray. 25. A sponge filters the water that passes through its body. 26. A lobster can live to be over 100 years old. 27. A shark never sleeps, and it never stops moving. 28. Over 350 species of coral have been found in the Great Barrier Reef.

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