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A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Meaning and Function of by Dave Mathewson

By Dave Mathewson

In this e-book the writer makes an attempt to maneuver past purely picking out and substantiating OT allusions in Revelation to contemplating how the presence of OT allusions and echoes impacts analyzing Rev. 21.1-22.5 and the way the OT capabilities in the context of the whole paintings. the writer concludes number of semantic results spring to mind by means of the author's non-stop intertextual attract the OT: new construction, new exodus, new Jerusalem, new covenant, bridge, new temple-priesthood, paradise restored and renewed, inclusion of the international locations, prophetic legitimization. the varied allusions functionality to form the reader's conception of eschatological hope.

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5. Deutsch's work is preliminary and raises the need to explore further connections within the visionary context of Revelation's own discourse. Although Rev. 5 has been the subject of previous attention regarding John's use of the Old Testament, the above questions set the 67. Cf. also Deutsch, 'Transformation of Symbols'. 1. Introduction 21 agenda for a fresh investigation of the presence of the Old Testament in Rev. 5. In other words, what is still lacking is a comprehensive picture of the meaning andfunction of the Old Testament in John's visionary denouement.

But his handling of the 'tension' between the old and new contexts is open to question. Does 'dialogical tension' adequately explain the presence of the Old Testament, especially Ezek. 40-48, in Rev. 5? Or might another model provide a better 'fit'? Has John left the readers with a tension that can only be potentially described, but not resolved, as Moyise claims? Or are there clues that point to a resolution? While there has been substantial work done on the presence of Isaiah (Fekkes) and Ezekiel (Vogelgesang) in Rev.

5. 63. See the warnings of S. Sandmel, 'Parallelomania', JBL 81 (1962), pp. 1-13; T. Donaldson, 'Parallels: Use, Misuse, and Limitations', EvQ 55 (1983), pp. 193-210. 64. Fekkes, Isaiah, pp. 230-31. Cf. also his treatment of Isa. 11) in Rev. 4b on pp. 255-56. 65. Beale sets up the following classification: 1. Clear allusion: the wording is almost identical to the Old Testament source; 2. Probable allusion: the language is not as close, but there is shared meaning; 3. Possible allusion: the language shared is only general {Revelation, p.

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