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A history of the United States Navy from 1775 to 1902 by Edgar Stanton Maclay

By Edgar Stanton Maclay

;A background of the USA army from 1775 to 1902 Vol.2 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор:Edgar Stanton Maclay Название: A background of the USA army from 1775 to 1902 Vol.2 Издательство: long island : D. Appleton Год: 1906 Формат: PDF Размер: 69.2 mb The heritage of the us military divides into significant classes: the "Old Navy", a small yet revered strength of boating ships that used to be additionally extraordinary for innovation within the use of ironclads throughout the American Civil battle, and the "New Navy", the results of a modernization attempt that started within the Eighteen Eighties and finally made the U.S. military the main robust on the earth. TurboBit DepositFiles zero

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On the 19th of June, while they were approaching Cape Palos, a suspicious brig was sighted, and the American ships immediately gave chase, while the stranger made every effort to get away. After a hard run of three hours the brig suddenly ran into shoal water, where the frigates could not follow, but the Epermer, the SparJc, the Torch and the Spitfire con tinued the pursuit and soon opened fire. Upon this the brig, still keeping up a running fire, ran ashore be tween the towers of Estacio and Albufera (which had been erected on the coast for the purpose of observing the approach of Barbary pirates in their kidnaping expeditions), and the Moors took to their boats, one of which was sunk by shot from the pursuing vessels.

WAR WITH 20 ALGIERS. 1815. silence, until their last ship, the admiral s, drew near Dove andante ? ) and hailed, To this Decatur defiantly, replied "Dove mi piace" (Where it pleases me). Nothing followed this gruff re tort, and the ships continued on their courses. " " On the 6th of October Captain Decatur s squadron assembled at Gibraltar, where it found the vessels under Captain Bainbridge the 74-gun ship of the line Independence, the 44-gun frigate United States, the 36-gun frigate Congress, the 18-gun sloop of war Erie, the 16-gun brig Boxer, the 16-gun brig Chippewa, the 16-gun brig Saranac, the 12-gun schooner Enterprise, : the 12-gun brig Firefly and the 5-gun sloop Lynx.

The heat had become so intense that Lieutenant Somerville, who had Our progress was so slow us, fainted. by the time the beach was reached the pirates were out of sight. Now and then a fellow would be seen in full run, and apparently fall down and dis accompanied that appear from view. We caught one old man in this difficult chase. Our surprise was very great, on returning to make an examination of the place lately vacated by the pi rates, to find that they had several houses, from fifty to one hundred feet long, concealed from view, and a dozen boats and all the necessary apparatus for turAn immense tling and fishing as well as for pirating.

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