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A Brief History of Saudi Arabia, 2nd Edition by Wynbrandt

By Wynbrandt

Saudi Arabia is a rustic in transition, slowly yet progressively altering from inside and more and more flexing its muscle and impact locally. the rustic has entered the hot century as a pivotal local strength. because the birthplace of Islam, it continues to be a strong ethical chief of the Muslim global, quite the Arab area.

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Muhammad identified himself as a Hanif before he received the calling, which later reinforced his aura of religious purity. Nestorians, a Christian sect, were also active. But most Arabs were polytheists. The Bedouin practiced an animistic, pagan religion. They worshipped spirits associated with springs, trees, rocks, and other inanimate objects. Shrines and holy places were found throughout the peninsula. Among the thousands of inscriptions discovered within the peninsula, invocation of various deities is the most common subject.

However, Saba remained the dominant power. The Sabaean civilization was technologically and socially advanced and had one of the region’s strongest armies. The crowning achievement of the civilization was the construction of the Marib Dam, said to have measured some 50 feet (16 m) high, almost 200 feet (60 m) wide, 11 A Brief History of Saudi Arabia and some 2,000 feet (620 m) long. It included a sluice system, diversion wall, and settling basin. c. 5 square miles. Nearby was the capital city of Marib.

Proclaimed Dilmun an “Elysium,” with eternally youthful and healthy citizens. Ancient myths proclaimed the place so pure that wolves and lions abandoned their predatory ways there. c. In Deipnosophistai (the learned banquet, or banquet of the sophists), Greek writer Athenaeus (ca. d.  there is an island in the Persian Gulf where pearls are found in abundance, wherefore the island is surrounded with bamboo rafts from which the natives dive in 20 fathoms of water and bring up bivalves” (Athenaeus 1993, 403).

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