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200 barbecue recipes by Louise Pickford

By Louise Pickford

Creation; flavor tempters; together with: Scallops & chorizo kebabs, Yakatori fowl skewers, bird & jalapeno quesadilla, Marinated goat cheese with herb-grilled tortilla, For vegetarians; together with: Charred chilli pumpkin wedges, Grilled corn with lime & chilli salt rub, Barbecued candy potatoes with mustard butter, Chickpea & tofu veggie burgers, Steaks & ribs; together with: Rib eye with chimichurri sauce,T-bone with garlic & parsley butter, Beer & paprika bird, Rum & maple-glazed red meat stomach, beef steaks with fennel rub, Rosemary-rubbed lamb cutlets, Lamb with tahini yogurt sauce, Fish & seafood; together with: Clam parcels with coconut, Scallops with papaya salsa, Chargrilled calamari with chilli jam, Grilled lobster tails with fennel, Salmon with lemon & olive salad, Jerk tuna with mango salsa, Prawns with garlic aioli, Burgers, sizzling canines & kebabs; together with: All American burger, vintage cheeseburger, chook burger with onion jam,Tuna burger with guacamole, Lamb burger with grilled mushrooms & rosemary aioli, Cornbread aubergine burgers with tomato, mozzarella & pesto, Prosciutto-wrapped Italian sizzling canine with salsa rossa, Salads, sauces & marinades; together with: Seared red meat salad with creamy mustard dressing, Tuna tataki with sesame dressing, Smoked garlic Caesar salad, Grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese dressing, combined leaf salad with pine nut dressing, Lemon, lime, chilli & thyme oil, Moroccan spice paste, barbeque sauce, candy treats; together with: Barbecued bananas with maple ice cream, Grilled pineapple with lime granita, Seared mango with strawberry sorbet, Fruit parcels with caramel sauce

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I’ve paired dishes that might not be obvious partners, to give you an idea of their versatility—why not serve falafel with corn on the cob? I’ve also taken care to ensure that not too many burners will be going at once, that you can take advantage of prepared ingredients from the freezer or refrigerator (pesto, cooked grains or beans, and so on), and that some dishes can be made in advance. vegan Sugar Snaps with Walnuts, Basil, and Cranberries Quinoa Slow-Fried Sweet Potatoes Avocado Puree Asparagus with Roasted Strawberry Vinaigrette Porcini Risotto Generous shavings of hard cheese Green and White Beans and Small Turnips and Arugula Pesto Refried Lentils Cheddar-Seed Crackers Red Pepper and Apple Jam or Carrot Marmalade vegan Dry-Fried Green Beans with Garlic Chips and Peanut Sauce Long-Grain Brown Rice Miso-Crusted Chinese Eggplant vegan Herby Falafel with Tahini-Pomegranate Sauce Lemon-Pepper Sautéed Cucumber How to Eat Corn on the Cob Spinach, Herb, and Ricotta Dumplings The Perfect Caponata Sweet Corn Polenta Healing Stew Millet-Parmesan Cake Arugula Pesto Swiss Chard and Ricotta Frittata Crunchy-Topped Broiled Tomatoes Salad greens with Tangerine Vinaigrette vegan Basic Black Beans with Epazote Green Riced Cauliflower Curly Kale Pakora Quick Pickled Beet Stems vegan Cauliflower (blanched and cooled) and white beans (cooked and cooled) tossed with Tangy Cashew-Herb Dressing Seedy Quinoa Cakes (using flax seeds) Roasted Carrot and Daikon with Japanese Spices All-Purpose Urad Dal Broiled Masala Cauliflower Seared Okra with Basil and Tamari Buttermilk–Celery Root Puree Sweet Wine Mushrooms Roasted broccoli with garlic Classic Aioli Spaghetti Squash, Pesto, and Cherry Tomatoes Salt-Wilted Kale (Parmesan variation) three-course seasonal menus These meals are a little fancier than the ones on the preceding page, and follow a slower, more formal procession from appetizer to main course to dessert.

When the meat is as good as this, I don’t need as much of it—and I don’t feel the need to get too darn creative when I do cook with it—to feel like I’ve truly enjoyed myself in the kitchen, nourished myself at the table, and in general made the very best of things. And so I’ve found that my attention, as a curious and reasonably adventurous home cook and avid consumer of good food of all kinds, has naturally—and quite happily—shifted to vegetables. Even in beef country, it isn’t at all difficult to find amazingly fresh vegetables and luscious fruits, most of them locally grown and sold not only from roadside stands and farmers’ markets and through farm-run CSAs but in independently owned and operated grocery stores.

Let’s consider a medium-size onion of any variety to be about the size of a baseball, and a medium-size shallot about the size of a stretched-out golf ball. That said, these recipes are pretty forgiving, so use what you have and adjust as necessary. • Pay attention to indicators of doneness in the recipe directions—cook “until the onions are translucent,” for example—and use those as guides more than cooking times, which will depend on the size and weight of your pan, your heat source, the quantity of vegetables in your pan, and how finely or coarsely you’ve chopped the vegetables.

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